Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

Take a look at stream flows across East Tennessee and another look at TVA releases on the tailwaters and there’s good reason for optimism. After another week of rainy weather and blown out rivers and streams we’re off to a good start.

But to be completely honest, we have a sense of deja vu because it feels exactly like the start of last week. Tailwater flows were looking good until they weren’t. And then there was that overnight thunderstorm here in Townsend that dropped over 3″ of rain on us and a good chunk of the most accessible streams in the Smokies. In addition to watching stream gauges and TVA release schedules we also keep an eye on long range weather forecasts.

NOAA's long range precipitation forecast thru July 13

NOAA’s long range precipitation forecast thru July 13

So… You might understand if we’re not exactly expecting these optimal conditions to hold.

But let’s not dwell on the negative. Tailwater flows are looking good and just like we’ve seen all season long, when the water is right the fishing is good.

Another nice float trip trout

Another nice float trip trout

We’re also looking for dryer conditions to improve the smallmouth bass fishing. The wet weather has kept these rivers relatively dirty. Anglers in other areas of the country are used to fishing for bass in water with low visibility, but we’re more accustomed to finding them in crystal clear water. You can catch them in dirty water, but it’s not so fun as when you can see them move to a popper from a long distance.

On the positive side, we’ve experienced nothing but mild temperatures this summer and we even have a few days in the forecast this week that will only reach the high 70’s.

We’ll try to keep the glass half full. See you watching the skies.