Spring Fishing Is On the Way But Not Quite Here Yet

We’re close. Damn close…

We had warm temperatures last weekend, but quite honestly it didn’t really feel like spring. The sunny days were pretty cool and the day it got into the 60’s was overcast and breezy. That was before the sleet and a fresh dusting of snow.

Stream and snowy trees

The scene near the end of the road at Tremont

Quite honestly if this was November or even December this would almost seem magical. A thick coat of hoarfrost on the forest with a light dusting of snow on the ground. But in March after we’ve seen numerous winter storms and anxiously awaiting the first hatches of spring… not so much.

What can we say… Water temperatures in the mountains are in the low 40’s in the better spots and even cooler in the 30’s in the spots you don’t even consider in winter. Over on the big rivers flows are high everywhere. Even the Watauga was pushing two generators worth which doesn’t happen often without some heavy rain.

The Holston did give us a break with good flows on Sunday and it did fish, but in all honesty we’re just about ready to cast something without a strike indicator…

Hang in there. Sunshine, warm weather, and rising trout are on the way!



  1. Brandon says:

    The weather forecast for next week looks to be good. Now the decision of if to head east this weekend…..I don’t want to miss the action!

  2. Drew P. says:

    Hi Ian,

    Just discovered your website today. What a great site! I met you a few years ago and have a lot of respect for what you guys are doing. Great videos, great posting and great content. Thanks a million.

    Drew Petrey
    Boone, NC

  3. I hear ya. Ready for warm weather out here too. Won’t be long now.