Spring Hatches: Watch for These Important Trout Stream Insects in Tennessee and North Carolina

Spring is arguably the best time of year for fly fishing. The reason is that there are more insects hatching on the rivers and streams than any other time. The smart fly fisher knows this and comes to the water prepared. Here are the insects we watch for on the tailwaters and streams in the […]

Advice from the Guides Video Blog – Winter Fly Fishing on Abrams Creek

This is the first installment in our Advice from the Guides Video Blog. We’ve decided to take what would have been an article in our newsletter and do it as a video. Watch for future installments to include casting tips, streamer fishing, nymph fishing techniques, and more. This month we’ve focused on Abrams Creek, the […]

Advice from the Guides

What’s size leader and tippet should I use? This varies depending on which rivers and streams you’re fishing. For most water in the Smokies we use a 7 1/2′ leader tapered to 5X. This is probably the best overall leader for the Smokies. We’ll sometimes use longer 9′ leaders on larger streams like Little River. […]

Make Any Fly More Effective: Rules to Fish By

Many fly fishers put the importance of the fly above all, but there are several factors that are far more important than fly selection. These are exceptionally easy to accomplish, but not practiced as often as they should. As fly fishers we have an advantage over natural predators like osprey, herons, water snakes, and otters. […]

Trout Flies for the Smoky Mountains: Pat’s Nymph

The Pat’s Nymph is one of those flies that Smoky Mountain fly fishing guides just love. It has a buggy look that fish can’t resist and it’s relatively quick and easy to tie. While the Pat’s Nymph is good year round, it’s particularly good in the spring since it’s a good representation of several aquatic […]

Catch More Trout: Treat Your Fly Rod As If It Were A Gun

Our job as fly fishing guides is to help anglers catch fish. Most of the people who fish with us are competent casters, have decent equipment, and can find good flies on their own. In spite of the fact that they have most of the tools to catch fish, they lack the knowledge to use […]

Women’s Fly Fishing School at Lake Logan, North Carolina

Charity is teaching with Starr Nolan at the Brookside Guides’ 2009 Women’s Fly Fishing School Friday, May 22nd thru Sunday, May 24th at beautiful Lake Logan Center in North Carolina Don’t miss this chance to fly fish in Western North Carolina in May—truly one of the most beautiful months of the year and arguably the […]

Tips to Improve Your Success When Fly Fishing in the Winter

Fly fishing in the winter can be a difficult proposition. The weather is cold, hatches can be sparse, and the fish are generally sluggish. However, there are plenty of reasons to go fishing. Crowds are at a minimum, the fish aren’t so jaded since few anglers are casting at them, and keeping in practice makes […]

Fly Tying: Learn to Tie and Fish the Skull & Bones Midge Pupa

Midge pupa are an extremely important food source for trout, particularly those in tailwaters. Midges are among the most common of aquatic insects and they hatch year round. In many instances they are one of only a few insects that trout eat during the winter months. Many fly fishers and fly tyers are turned off […]

Catch More Trout on Nymphs When You Use the Right Strike Indicator for the Job

The variety of strike indicators an angler can choose from can be dizzying, but many of them might not be the best choice for your nymphing situation. Yarn, foam footballs, putty, and dry flies can all be used as strike indicators. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. You’ll catch more trout on nymphs when you […]