Winter Fly Fishing Forecast for the Smoky Mountains and East Tennessee

Every year it seems like we’re just coming out of spring fishing, going into summer fishing, then we look around and find that the fall season has come and gone and winter is at our doorstep. Guiding keeps us busy wading and floating rivers all over East Tennessee, but with our children getting a little […]

Fishing Report from East Tennessee (Just not the Smokies)

You could say we’ve been out to lunch when it comes to keeping up the fishing reports on our blog, but there hasn’t been a ton to report. The government shutdown, which has closed all national parks, has put a serious dent in our business. If that wasn’t bad enough it’s denied us access to […]

Fishing Still Good in the Smokies But the Weather is Cooling Down

After a weekend of guiding in the Smokies we’re still happy to report the fish are still active. In fact, we pulled a good number of fish up to the surface on dry flies. On the other hand, it doesn’t look like the tailwater situation will get any better in the near future hear in […]