Spring Hatches Should Start Soon

We’ve experienced an incredibly mild winter and the extended forecast shows nothing but above average temperatures over the next few weeks. This is important as we usually start watching for our spring hatches to get rolling in early March, about the time when the weather starts to warm up. Since the warm weather will be […]

Spring is in the Air

If your could see out the window here at R&R Fly Fishing world headquarters in Townsend, Tennessee you’d think I was crazy to say spring is here. Snow is falling and there is a dusting on the trees. That doesn’t tell the whole story, though as it’s been in the 50’s and 60’s the past […]

It’s Still Winter But We’re on the Countdown to Spring Hatches

There have been some relatively warm days over the past couple of weeks and we’re supposed to be coming into at least a couple more, but don’t let it fool you. It’s still winter in the Smokies and I honestly can’t remember the last time I didn’t see some snow on the high ridges. There’s […]

Here We Go

It’s not red hot fishing, but we’re seeing bugs and that’s a start. Here’s a fresh arrival we saw on the river today in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. First of all, don’t panic. You’re not really missing much. There weren’t many bugs today and the fish let most of those drift on past unmolested. […]

A Busy Weekend on the Rivers Around East Tennessee

It was the first weekend we’ve seen this year with good tailwater flows and warm weather. That added up to lots of folks out on all the rivers from the Clinch to the Smokies, and not just fly fishers. This weekend a whitewater get together of sorts was in East Tennessee. “Ain’t Louie Fest” is […]

Stream Levels Fine, Tailwaters Not So Much

Mountain streams in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina have receded to levels considered average for early February. Many anglers consider this a tad on the high side but we’ve always preferred the water around this level. Remember you can always find current stream levels on our site. We’re starting to get that nervous tick […]

Quick Pic: Quill Gordon – It’s What’s for Dinner

A Quill Gordon and the parachute pattern we use most often to imitate it. The hatches continue along with the unseasonably warm weather this February.

Quick Pic: Quill Gordon Mayfly


Quick Pic: Mild Weather Returns Along With the Dry Fly Fishing

The brief but significant snowfall in the Smokies last weekend has certainly cooled the water but the Blue Quill and Quill Gordon hatches are continuing with some of the best dry fly fishing we’ll see all year in the Smokies. Warm rains on the way will wash any snow away and bring water temperatures back […]

Hatches Continue in the Smokies; Meanwhile Winter Returns

Quill Gordon: The surest sign of spring on the streams in the Smokies Spring really has arrived early, at least from a fly fisher’s view. Here in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee we’ve already experienced about a week of afternoon hatches with rising fish. This doesn’t usually happen until early March or the last […]