Common Misconceptions About Tenkara

We’ve been using Tenkara and used it to guide anglers in the Smokies for about three years now. If you’ve never tried it you won’t believe what an incredibly effective tool it is for fly fishing in rivers and streams. We’ve had a few folks who have booked trips specifically to fish with Tenkara or […]

It’s Not Winter Yet

Things are quickly slipping towards winter here in the Smokies. The mornings have certainly gotten cold and we’ve had several consecutive frosts. Most of the leaves are off the trees even as a few pockets of brilliant color hang on in sheltered coves. The fish are still rising, but not as fast and furious as […]

Short But Productive November Season

Most of the fall color is gone but some of the best fly fishing of the year remains. November is always an interesting time on the water since it features some of the best fishing of the year, but that great fishing will often dissolve in the space of just about a week. There’s not […]

World Turning

There’s absolutely no doubt that fall has arrive now as autumn color is quickly progressing in the Smokies, leaves are falling, and the weather is cooling down. In fact, we’ve had frost the past two mornings here at R&R Fly Fishing world headquarters in Townsend. Dry fly fishing is the usual fall program in the […]

Perfect Water Levels in the Smokies

After a wet weekend here in East Tennessee we have perfect water levels for fall fly fishing in the Smoky Mountains. While points to our east and southeast received far more precipitation, the Smokies hit a sweet spot in the weather receiving three continuous day of steady but light rain. Autumn is typically the driest […]

Fall Fly Fishing Has Arrived in East Tennessee and the Smokies

We’re still getting our feet back under us after an incredible trip to the Henry’s Fork and Yellowstone National Park. We had beautiful weather and phenomenal fishing. More on that later, but we’re excited to be back home just in time for autumn, our favorite time of year on the water. It seems that the […]

In the River in Yellowstone Country

We’ve arrived at TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork and spent some time fishing in Yellowstone National Park already. Our group arrives today and we expect to start casting a line on “The Fork”, but it’s already been pretty special. We had barely gotten settled into our room at TroutHunter and ordered a beer at the […]

Fall is Here (Maybe Not for You, But It Is for Us)

We’ve seen several mild days in a row here on the Peaceful Side of the Smokies and daytime highs have been about 80. That’s very cool compared to the sunny, humid, and hot days at or above 90 we suffered through. Tomorrow the high is forecast for the 60’s and mornings next week will be […]

Summer’s Last

Labor Day weekend is only a few days away. We just came out of a refreshing week of mild weather to be greeted with a week of sunny weather in the range of 90 degrees. Just yesterday I rowed the drift boat down the river on an overcast day barely 80 degrees and it was great. […]

Running Out the Clock on Summer Heat

This past week was very mild here in East Tennessee with particularly cool nights down in the mid 50’s here in the foothills of the Smokies. All the TV weather folks were touting an early taste of fall but we’re not getting our hopes up just yet. Even so, summer’s days are numbered and you […]