Dogwood Winter

Dogwood Winter

They call it Dogwood Winter and for good reason. Every year about the time the dogwoods bloom we get a cold snap. This one is a real one too with a hard freeze tonight. It’s been a wet and cold day today with temperatures falling through the 30′s. Looks like we made the right call […]

Quick Pic: Golden Stonefly Nymph


Here’s a golden stonefly nymph we recently found in a stream while flipping rocks. These guys are very common in the Smokies and are very distinctive in appearance so they’re easy to identify. Now you know why the Tellico Nymph does so well in streams across the region.

A Beautiful Weekend on Hazel Creek

Sunny Hazel Creek Nymphing

After last spring’s “Wet & Wild” Hazel Creek camp that featured torrential downpours for the second half of the weekend, it was a breath of fresh air to have nothing but blue skies and sunshine for all four days of our stay this past weekend. In spite of nearly perfect conditions, the fishing was a […]

In The Thick of The Season

Women Fly Fishing Guides in Field and Stream

Well here we go! We’ve been guiding a pretty steady schedule for a little more than a month now, but the lingering cold weather put things off just a little bit. But that’s all about to change. We’re packing our last items for our long weekend camp on Hazel Creek while trying to remember to […]

Trail Closure on Noland Creek

Charity fishing on Noland Creek

A quick update for those who like to fish around Bryson City, NC. A landslide on the trail upstream of The Road to Nowhere has closed trail. The trail is closed because of heavy construction equipment in place now to remedy to issue. The trail is closed up to campsite #65, but the trail is […]

High Water in the Smokies Before the Great Weather Arrives

Some very nice fish are moving on the tailwaters right now

Last week was just one of those weeks… This is my twentieth season guiding and Charity’s thirteenth so it’s not new, but you certainly don’t like it. A constant parade of weather disturbances came through featuring everything from snow, to rain, to high winds. It was just a tough week with yo-yo-ing water temps and […]

A Week of Ups & Downs

He didn't refuse the Vanilla Bugger

This past week was quite a roller coaster ride for us fishing guides. It started last weekend with a fresh 4″ of snow in the Smokies that flat out shut down fishing in park streams last Sunday. Trust me. As a guide it wasn’t pretty. But the weather quickly warmed up and our new drift […]

Good Bye to an Old Friend


The phone rang about dinner time last night and it all became a little more real. It was a truck driver on the outskirts of St Louis heading this way with a load of Hyde drift boats. One of them is ours. “You’re the guy with the trade-in, right?” That was our cue to get […]

Looking for Some Consistency On the Way

Jerry Eyler hooked up to a fish he cast to during a nice hatch

This week’s fishing could be best summed up by Dickens’ opener to a Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Over the period of less than a week we saw gorgeous, sunny weather, snow, a couple of passing storm fronts, a temperature roller coaster, fantastic hatches, […]

Weather Improving After A Tough Week


It’s been an odd week around here. One that started with sunshine and flowers, regressed to freezing weather and light snow, then bounced back to warm rain. The freezing nights dropped water tempertures down to the high 30′s in some spots and the fish were locked down for most of the morning. We adjust our […]