Happy Thanksgiving

Strutting tom turkey

We wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and give thanks for everyone out there who has supported us over the years! Don’t eat too much!!

Native Brook Trout Restoration in the Smokies Going Well

Under water brook trout

We just spotted an article in the Maryville Daily Times today that says the brook trout restoration on Lynn Camp Prong is going well. That’s not necessarily news to us as we’ve spent plenty of time volunteering several times over the past few years, but it still feels good to see it in print. You […]

Now Is the Time for “Fishing”

Winter Nymphing in the Smokies

We usually see spectacular dry fly conditions from October well into November but things were pretty well cut short this year. About two weeks ago we received an unusually early heavy snow in the Smokies and plenty of cold air to follow. The resulting cold water has kept the fish relatively sluggish and I started […]

Changes in the Weather

A beautiful day on Little River

We had a spectacular weekend of weather here in the Smoky Mountains and things will remain very nice here for a few more days but change is on the way. We’ve been seeing frosty nights in the mountains with warm, sunny afternoons but a big cool down is on the way. It looks like afternoon […]

It’s That Time of Year in the Smokies

Big Brown Trout Shallow

It’s that time of year in the Smokies and we’re finally starting to see some spawning brown trout in our local streams. It’s likely that the sudden cold snap and melting snow that dropped water temperatures better than 15 degrees in about 24 hours caused a delay. It’s hard to tell from this since there […]

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Autumn Weather

The scene above Tremont over the weekend

After an impressive early season winter storm in the Smokies it looks like this week will be much more in line with what we’d expect for early November. When you live in East Tennessee two feet of snow is a big deal, but it really hits home when one of your Western guide buddies who […]

Quick Pic: Snow in the Smokies

Saw this great photo via Twitter posted by the park service on Saturday evening. This is Walker Camp Prong along Highway 441 near the Alum Cave Bluff trailhead. Walker Camp Prong at the Alum Cave Trail today (11/1) at 3pm. Snow over a foot deep. @GreatSmokyNPS #GSMNP pic.twitter.com/qOWdhA0bvP — GreatSmokyNPS (@GreatSmokyNPS) November 1, 2014

A Snowy Weekend in the Smokies


We often joke that we watch the weather more than farmers since we make our living and spend most of our time outside. So it caught our attention a few days back when the forecast called for a dusting of snow in the Smokies. The weather man was very careful to advise people there was […]

The Peak of Fall Fly Fishing in the Smokies


The weather is beautiful, fall colors are peaking, and the trout are rising. What else could anybody want from a day in the Smokies? We just returned from four days on Hazel Creek and conditions were absolutely perfect. There may have been a few fish caught on nymphs but we spent the bulk of our […]

The Last Dragons – Hellbenders in Southern Appalachia


Here’s a spiffy video with stunning underwater scenes of hellbenders in their natural environment. We see one or two every year on our local streams.