Winter Runs Down the Clock


It happens every year. We get one of those mid-winter thaws that makes you think spring is here and it turns out to be nothing more than winter giving you a head fake before smashing it’s knee into your groin. And this one was pretty brutal. It wasn’t that long ago our kids were catching […]

Feels Like Spring

A float on the Hiwassee was the perfect choice

We haven’t seen the brutal winter weather New England has experienced this year, but it still hasn’t been a stellar few months for fishing in our part of East Tennessee. Most streams in the Smokies have been frigid and our local tailwaters have had inconsistent flows. There have been times when you can go fishing, […]

It’s Still Winter But We’re on the Countdown to Spring Hatches

Charity Over Under Release Abrams

There have been some relatively warm days over the past couple of weeks and we’re supposed to be coming into at least a couple more, but don’t let it fool you. It’s still winter in the Smokies and I honestly can’t remember the last time I didn’t see some snow on the high ridges. There’s […]

Winter Weather & Fishing Across East Tennessee

Snowy Tremont 1.15

It’s not really news that the streams are cold up in the Smokies. It is January after all even if we’ve seen some mild weather in the Southeast over the past week or so. Plenty of folks will forget that the higher elevations and steep terrain that keeps the stream valleys shaded make the Smokies […]

Get Out When You Can

But it is always better when you catch something!

We’re accustomed to the idea of mid January being cold and dreary so we don’t expect to get much fishing time in at this time of year. In fact, there was a time when we spent much of the depths of winter out on the road speaking at fly fishing events¬†around the country. We’re staying […]

Tenkara School at Elkmont April 11, 2015


We’ve seen an incredible amount of interest in Tenkara over the past couple of years. We started fishing with it about 3 years ago, started guiding some trips with it and recently become a dealer for Tenkara Rod Co gear. The response has been incredible! Almost everyday we hear from people who are interested in […]

2015 Begins with True Winter Fishing in East Tennessee


The new year is here and so is the cold weather. The temperature on our porch in Townsend this morning was 24 and that may be our high tomorrow. Water levels in the mountain rivers and streams are a little high but water temperature has started to plummet as you would expect. Fortunately this should […]

Frigid Water in the Smokies

Rime ice on the trees at Farr Gap high above Citico Creek in Cherokee National Forest earlier this week

It’s been a seemingly mild period of early winter weather here in the Smokies. It’s easy to see hoarfrost on the ridgetops many mornings as mists have frozen to tree limbs, but most of the days have been pretty pleasant. By the time the clock ticks past 11:00 the temperature has usually been above 40 […]

Fishing Conditions Improve on Several Fronts

Late afternoon light in the winter on the Hiwassee River

After heavy snow in the Smokies and temperatures that stayed down below freezing for an extended period we had all but written off any good opportunities for fishing the rest of the year. We usually expect things to stay pretty good up until around Thanksgiving but we were all but shut down well in advance […]

Why Tenkara? We’ll Tell You Why

Tenkara looks fun because it is

It’s no secret we’ve been fishing with Tenkara rods for a couple of years now. We haven’t used them exclusively but we do use them a pretty good bit, especially when we’re out fishing for ourselves. We’ve introduced many fly fishers to Tenkara and everyone has been very impressed. We even did a short video […]