The Mid-Summer Change Up

A cool summer morning in the Smokies

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything on the blog and it’s not because there’s nothing happening. In fact, it’s been quite the contrary. We were guiding so much at one point we were on the water more than at home for a while. The kids have been out of school so we’ve been […]

Pattern of Summer Thunderstorms

Laurel blooms and fly fisher

It’s definitely summer in East Tennessee and the Smokies. A quick glance at the afternoon sky and the sound of rumbling thunder will tell you that. Days with unsettled weather tend to mess with the fishing but the mountain streams can use the fresh shot of water. May was exceptionally dry by our standards and […]

Trout In The Classroom takes Kids to the Creek

Each child had a cup with 3-5 small trout to release into the Little River in Townsend

As fly fishing guides in East Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we feel it’s our responsibility to be ambassadors of the rivers and streams. As parents it’s is our responsibility to teach our children how to become stewards of the land and instill in them the knowledge that our natural resources must be protected. Our hope is that if we share […]

Spring Turns to Summer

Tailwater Rainbow Release, Underwater

It’s been a whirlwind season for us up to this point. Our spring guide season was as busy as ever with the added wrinkle of Ian’s recovery from knee surgery. Charity handled most of the wade trips in the Smokies while Ian was relegated to strict duty in the drift boat until he was fit […]

Busy Days On the River

Underwater brown 4.15

I just looked up and noticed it’s been a while since I posted a report. It’s not for a lack of something to say as much as not much time to sit down and post something. April and May are the busiest of times guiding in the Smokies and East Tennesee and this year is […]

Happy Fish!


It’s been a great week of fly fishing and guiding fly fishers here in East Tennessee and the Smokies. We experienced superb dry fly fishing for wild rainbows, browns, and brookies in the park. This was a tremendous improvement over previous weeks when nymphing was the most productive method of fooling fish. Afternoons have seen […]

Plenty of Options for Fly Fishing Around East Tennessee

A wild Smoky Mountain Brown Trout caught on a Beadhead Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph

The mountain streams have been fishing well for the past couple of weeks and after a long hiatus it looks like our tailwater rivers should start becoming consistent as well. Norris Dam has been spilling from Norris Dam for a while and even as there were some fishable moments on the Holston River, they were […]

Fishing Getting Better One Day at a Time

Charity captured this beautiful rise this afternoon

Every day that has gone by has seen the fishing improve a little bit. Today it was the warmest, sunniest day we’ve seen since last October with temperatures around 70. The water was a little high still and the morning fishing was still on the slow side, but every fishy spot you could drift a […]

Fishing Tougher Than It Looks On Paper

Underwater Rainbow Trout

It’s the middle of March, bugs are hatching in the Smokies and water temperatures are around that magical 50 degree mark. Should be a riot to run up to the river and catch a gang of fish. Or that’s would you might think. So far we continue to see pretty high water. It’s not prohibitively […]

Spring Fly Fishing Has Arrived


It was a beautiful weekend with an abundance of sunshine and warm weather. Streams in the Smokies were running a little high and the water was still down in the low 40’s so fishing was predictably on the slow side, but it was one of those days we always enjoy. Last week it was snowing, […]