Classic Fall Fishing in the Smokies


Now that the wet weather is behind us, the streams have fallen into shape, and the fall foliage is at its peak we’re seeing some classic fall fishing. So far it’s just like we remember; nymphs in the morning and switch over to dry flies once the sun gets on the water. The bugs hatching […]

Henry’s Fork 2014 Trip Summary and Photos


We made our annual September pilgrimage to Yellowstone Country by way of TroutHunter Lodge on the Henry’s Fork in Idaho. We’ve been going to the Yellowstone area since 1996 but this was the fourth year TroutHunter has served as our base of operations for fishing the Henry’s Fork, the Madison River in Montana, several rivers […]

Back to Great Fall Weather

The view toward Bryson City, NC  from Deep Creek Overlook on Newfound Gap Road in the Smokies

  We’re back to normally scheduled fall weather here in the Smokies. Last week we received well over a month’s worth of rain in about a day and our rivers and streams looked like it. We scrambled to reschedule guide trips that could be rescheduled and cancelled those that couldn’t. The Smokies saw some of […]

An Unusually Wet October

We're looking forward to more days like this later this week

Directly on the heels of the driest September on record we’re in the midst of an unusually wet October in East Tennessee. Once again this proves my statistician friend, Doug Sanders, point that things tend to average out. We’ve already exceeded our normal rainfall total for October and we’re looking at some significant rain on […]

Fall wildlife in the Smokies

Smokies Bull Elk

Here’s another beautifully filmed piece from the Great Smoky Mountains Association. Take a two minute vacation to the Smokies to see bugling elk, black bears, and wild turkeys in the autumn.

Fall Fly Fishing in East Tennessee and the Smokies

A Blue Wing Olive seen in the Smokies this week

We’ve been home from the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone Country for just one week but it seems like it’s been much longer than that as we’re embroiled in our fall guiding rush. Autumn has arrived in the Smokies as we’re seeing more color in the park everyday and we’ve already seen the first frost of […]

Tailwater Flows Ramp Up As Autumn Arrives in the Smokies


It looks like the powers that be at TVA are cranking up flows on our tailwaters this week. Norris reservoir should start falling fast so hopefully flows will level off in a week or two. Meanwhile the weather is really cooling off in the Smokies. In fact there will be a few peaks where overnight […]

On the Ground in Yellowstone Country

Ian Yellowstone Brown 2014

We’ve spent the past couple of days traveling around Yellowstone as we always do about this time of year. We’ll be heading over to the Henry’s Fork later today and joining up with a group of fly fishers we’re hosting at TroutHunter. Up to this point we’ve tried to take it easy while still doing […]

Fly Fishing Around Elk This Fall


Fall fishing is almost here, but so is the elk rut. Anyone who will be fly fishing over at Cataloochee or Oconaluftee this fall should probably take a quick look at this video posted by the Great Smoky Mountains Association. Honestly, it’s mostly common sense, but we’ve spent a considerable amount of time fishing around […]

The Slaw Dog: Gas Station Delicacy Adored By Fly Fishers in the Smokies

Gaze upon the slaw dog in all its glory

If you’ve spent much time fly fishing around Townsend there’s a good chance you may have eaten a slaw dog down at the Parkway Grocery. I’ve lived and worked in Townsend since 1994 and the place is a part of my daily routine. I get sausage or country ham biscuits there in the morning on […]