Warm days provide great tailwater fly fishing

We’ve had plenty of rain and some warm weather here in the mountains of East Tennessee. Local streams are just about where they need to be, perhaps even a little high, and more rain is on the way. For the first time in a long time our rainfall totals are caught up, even if it is only for the first 5 weeks or so of 2008.

I took Josh Eades and Mike Pace on a float on the Holston River today. Midges were thick on the water and there were plenty of fish rising. We go them on small midge patterns and several nymph patterns as well. It was Mike’s first time fly fishing and he did great. While he missed or lost more fish than he landed, he still brought in a respectable number of fish for a newbie and I can tell he’s infected with the fly fishing bug.

Water temperatures on Little River are flirting with 50 degrees, so I’m sure the fish will be active. There’s a strong system coming through tonight, so water may be high for a day or so, but expect the fishing to be good over the next week or so.

Charity and I are packing for the Charlotte Fly Fishing Show this weekend. We’ll be doing 2 presentations each day of the show, 1 specifically on fishing in the Smokies and 1 that covers the diversity of fly fishing opportunities in East Tennessee. We’re also doing casting demos on Saturday and Sunday that will focus on how to get accurate casts into tight spots. Charity is also doing a women’s fly casting class at the show. Tim Doyle is coming along as well to watch our booth while we’re speaking. Stop by and say hi and pick up one of our new logo decals!