It Was a Beautiful Weekend on the Water

Unfortunately we we locked up working on our programs for the fly fishing shows. We were tempted to get out on the water since the weather was so beautiful for January but our daughter went to the movies with her grandparents and we only get so much time to work on this stuff together.

Our dirty no good fishing buddy and fellow guide Tim Doyle called to rub our nose in it give us the report. Tim fished Clouser Minnows on Little River in the Smokies. He got a fair amount of interest from the fish, but didn’t hook many. Water levels have dropped substantially and the fish don’t come to streamers quite as well now. Tim didn’t see any risers but talked to some other anglers who were hooking up with nymphs.

The South Holston and Watauga are the tailwaters to head toward since they have consistent water levels for wading. Weather conditions should remain decent for a few more days if you can sneak off to the water.

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