A Guides’ Day Off Float

Charity and I have been guiding quite a bit lately with a couple more days coming straight at us before TroutFest this weekend. Fortunately we had the foresight to build a day off into our calendar so we could spend a day together on the water.

Unlike days guiding we got to the river a little late and left a little early. There’s something to be said for a few extra minutes over a cup of coffee after the kids go to school and getting home in time to prepare dinner without rushing.

The caddis hatch was a little on the sparse side, but that didn’t make much of difference. We caught a decent number of fish on dry flies in the morning. By the time we finished our sandwiches and drinks at lunch risers were pretty few and far between so we did the old drift boat troll with nymphs. If you’re unfamiliar, you cast the nymph and indicator downstream of the boat as you drift down the river. It’s a laid back and relaxed yet effective way to feed fish.

By the way, come out to TroufFest this weekend and see us. We’ll have a booth and we’re doing seminars at 2:00 on Saturday and Sunday. We’ll see you there!

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