Update from Yellowstone Country

Our group has settled in to the routine here at TroutHunter. We’re eating breakfast around 7:30 and the guides are meeting up with the anglers around 8:30. Mornings are very cool with some frost so there’s no rush since the fishing tends to pick up as the day warms.

So far we’ve had anglers fish several sections of the Henry’s Fork as well as the Madison River, Henry’s Lake and a little bit inside Yellowstone National Park. Fishing has been varied, but everyone seems to have about the same experience regardless of where they went. There’s been one relatively tough day for everyone, but the other days have been pretty good.

21" Henry's Fork rainbow trout

Mike Downy caught this beautiful 21″ rainbow trout from the legendary Harriman State Park section of the Henry’s Fork better known as the Railroad Ranch.

Floating Box Canyon

The Box Canyon has provided some of the best fishing of the week. This has primarily been nymphing with big, black rubber leg nymphs with a little bit of streamer fishing to keep it interesting. The scenery is spectacular and the currents are very swift.

Getting a raft into Cardiac Canyon

One of the most interesting trips of the week was a float Charity did with Ladawn Ostmann in Cardiac Canyon. It’s appropriately named because it’s a steep, strenous hike to the water. Their guide Jake skidded a raft a long way down to the water.

Floating Cardiac Canyon

Cardiac Canyon is an exceptionally scenic section of the Henry’s Fork below Mesa Falls that sees very little fishing pressure and requires a raft with a skilled oarsman. Charity and Ladawn fished a variety of big nymphs and streamers.

Charity with a nice rainbow from Cardiac Canyon

Charity tagged this nice rainbow on the black rubber legs nymph.

Cardiac Canyon brown trout

This brown trout ate a streamer. The ladies caught several nice fish on streamers but the nicest fish only gave the streamer the hairy eyeball. One follower was probably closing in on the 24″ mark.