Does It Get Any Better?

When the weather is this nice, the stream flows this good, and the fish are rising I can’t help but ask myself, “Can it get any better than this?”

Of course, it probably can. The fish could be bigger, but how realistic is that anyway? And it that a piggish attitude when so much is already so good?

Autumn Rainbow Trout

The simple truth of the matter is that I do think bigger fish could have been caught over the weekend, but we would have had to forego all these very nice (and colorful!) rainbows that were so eager to take a dry fly. The brown trout are certainly on the move, but we’re probably about another week or two from the time when they’ll really be out moving well.

Fly fisher amid fall color

So for now we’ll just endure all the healthy, wild trout that are so willing to rise to a dry fly while the surroundings are incredibly bright and colorful.

The tailwater situation might come around soon, but we’ll have to see. The predicted flows from Norris Dam look interesting, but for now the tea leaves don’t provide a clear picture of the future.

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