Making the Best of the Situation

It’s been a tough winter. No secret there. Rivers and streams in the Smokies remained under ice even as warm temperatures and sunshine arrived over the weekend. We considered a trip to either Clinch or Holston but the combination of our schedule and expectations of crowds on the water kept us away.


I’ve been burning through the hooks, beads, zelon, and deer hair recently. Here’s a pretty good pile of Zelon Nymphs, Haystacks, and Mr Brownstones. They don’t tie themselves and so far the fly tying elves haven’t shown up over night.

It’s actually a good thing that the weather has been nasty or I wouldn’t be so motivated to continue tying after the first dozen piles up under the vise.

The tailwater situation is actually pretty good right now but rain is a consideration. Stay upstream of I-75 on the Clinch as the water will be muddy below the mouth of Coal Creek. Flows are great on the Holston right now but expect some turbidity in the water. It’s coming out of the turbine that way as Cherokee Lake is a little muddy this time of year.

Hang in there. We’re only about a month away from spring fishing.