The Water is High So We Stay In


After  several long days of rain, the rivers and streams are blown out once again. We don’t have much in the way to report about fishing. This latest burst of water will probably make it a little longer before we can fish our local tailwaters, the Clinch and Holston.

But in the absence of fishing, we can show you some fishing food. One item at the Walland Center has taken the local fly fishing community by storm. In fact it’s been a big topic of conversation on our Hazel Creek camps. For everyone who has heard the legend but never seen one…

BEHOLD... The Hillbilly Taco

BEHOLD... The Hillbilly Taco

I’ll be the first to admit it isn’t a taco, but it sure is good. It’s a piece of cornbread covered with pork barbeque and chili beans. That is then smothered with shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, and 3 dollops of sour cream. This is probably the first you’ve heard of the Hillbilly Taco, but’s it’s world famous around here.

I had to have one over the weekend and memories of fishing lower Little River for smallmouth went right along with it. I have to have one on my way to the river for an afternoon of fishing poppers in the summer.

Here’s to thinking about good fishing!

Hazel Creek spring 2010


  1. Ian,
    I stopped at the Walland Center and ate one of those concoctions on my way into Townsend for my last fishing trip of the fall – ate it on Thursday morning, and still wasn’t hungry when I left town Friday afternoon.

  2. Andrew Phillips says:

    Does Charity know about your eating disorder?