Video: Fly Fishing for Large Brown Trout in the Smokies In Fall

Here’s our latest video and we don’t mind saying we’re pretty fond of this one. Anyone who has spent any time fly fishing in the Smokies will know that it’s pretty unusual to catch large brown trout. We’re as competent as they come with a fly rod, but the added difficulty of getting it on video was no easy feat. We caught a few that didn’t get on video and blew a few because we were trying to get it on video.




  1. Wow, Great video. Thanks for posting!

  2. Great video! Really enjoy all of your posts and videos on fishing the Smokies.

  3. That is just frickin awesome! Ian, in their best water temp, who’s the bigger bully at the end of your fly line, a smallmouth or brown trout?

  4. Mike Downey says:

    Continued wonderful work Ian and Charity. Very professional, instructive and entertaining. I’m looking forward to seeing and reading info from your Sept. trip to Trouthunter. Mike

  5. Jerry Crites says:

    Wow, it makes want to be there.

    Is that about the size we had hooked?


    • Hi Jerry,

      I’m guessing the fish you hooked was a little smaller than the one Charity has in the video. That fish was around 17-18″ and I remember thinking your fish was around 16″. Of course you get bonus style points even though you lost the fish because your fish ate a dry fly!