Join Us in Belize

We’ve been to Turneffe Flats twice and can’t wait to go back!
We have our dates set for February 28 – March 7, 2009

Watch our video from our 2007 trip:

This will be for a 7 night stay with 6 days of guided fishing. Anglers will have an opportunity to not only catch fish, but grow in experience. Even novice saltwater anglers will be seasoned veterans by the end of the week.

silhoutted angler Big Permit

We have chosen Turneffe because of its certainty of providing the best experience possible. Not only is the fishing top notch, but the accomodations are the best you can expect from a remote fishing camp. All rooms are air conditioned, have private bathrooms and are right on the beach. You will wake up with the ocean gently lapping at your doorstep and bonefish tailing only a few yards away. Upon your arrival in Belize City the staff of Turneffe Flats will take care of everything, transporting you to the island.

Turneffe Atoll

Bonefish and permit inhabit the flats surrounding Turneffe Flats Lodge thirty miles off the coast of Belize. Barracuda, jacks, and snapper are present as well. This is perhaps one of the best places in the world to catch numbers of bonefish. Permit, the most elusive of flats gamefish, are abundant here. Tarpon roam deeper flats and channels.

Turneffe Flats Lodge has wonderful fishing thanks to its remote location. Situated on a remote, private island the lodge can only accomodate a maximum of16 anglers so pressure is light. Schools of bonefish may have upwards of 300 fish so even novice casters can expect success. Opportunities for larger loners are also available for the fisherman who wants more of a challenge. This is one of the ultimate moments in fly fishing – stalking a skittish bonefish then presenting the fly. He pounces on the fly and then he’s off at speeds you didn’t know fish could reach. Your reel is a blur.

Bonefish underwater

Permit are larger, stronger, and even more cautious than bonefish. These are perhaps the most difficult fish in the world to attract to a fly. Typically rare in the Bahamas and other destinations, permit are numerous on the flats of Turneffe. Schools of 20-30 are common and schools of over 100 are not unusual. Permit are no pushovers, but you’ll have far more opportunities to land one here than almost anywhere else.

Snook are explosive fish that are commonly found in deeper channels and mangrove creeks. They provide exciting action on poppers and streamers cast in tight under the mangroves.

Turneffe Flats also provides non-angling packages that include anything from full SCUBA trips to snorkeling and eco-tours. The Atoll Adventure package is the most popular with non-anglers and includes snorkeling, manatee trips, dolphin trips, crocodile spotting, and bird watching.

Full Angling Package with all applicable taxes approximately $4115

Boat on flats

Atoll Adventure Package that includes snorkeling and eco tours available for non-anglers.

Click here to read an article Ian wrote for Florida Sport Fishing about the fishing at Turneffe Flats.

Charity holding bonefish