Fish While You Can

We’ve entered that shoulder fishing season now that really isn’t one of those main events of the year, but perhaps the most important. No, it’s not the ever popular spring dry fly fishing or colorful falling fishing but the “get it while you can” fishing. We’re quickly moving into late November and the weather is […]

Report from the Field: Cataloochee Creek

With school starting up next week we looked up from work to see we hadn’t taken a family camping trip this summer. Most of the summer vacationers have already started to thin out here in the Smokies and it seems that many might have simply given up on account of all the rainy days, so […]

When City Folks Explain Bear Safety

Living in close proximity to Great Smoky Mountains National Park we see a few things in abundance: stunning scenery, wildlife like black bears, and tourists who have very little experience in the outdoors. We’ll often chuckle about some of the pre-conceived ideas some people have about wildlife and wilderness, but try to educate people whenever […]

The End of the Season

Here we are on the Monday after Thanksgiving and things are just the same as always on this date. We’ve been guiding quite a bit up to this point, but it’s pretty well come to a screeching halt. Don’t get us wrong. We’ve truly enjoyed taking every last one of you fishing, but we’ll enjoy […]

A Look Back at Some Beautiful Fall Color

Maybe you’ve been living in a cave lately or possibly had your power knocked out by the storm of the century, but if you haven’t heard, there’s snow in the Smokies. This is primarily in the highest elevations with nothing but cool and damp weather in Townsend and other communities surrounding the park. Here are […]

A Big Year for Black Bears

It’s not unusual for us to see black bears every week in the Smokies or even here at our home in Townsend, Tennessee. In fact, Ian went on a backpacking trip with our daughter in July and didn’t see any bears while one sauntered down our driveway that evening. We have a bounty of wild […]

More Than Just Trout in the Smokies

We missed more than a few weeks of fishing reports because of our non-stop guiding calendar. Many of those trips were in the Smokies and while we caught plenty of trout on those trips, we often saw more than just trout. There have been plenty of black bears out and about this summer. We’ve even […]

Uncommon Photos from the Smokies

Okay, a photo of a brook trout and another of bears from the Smoky Mountains aren’t all that uncommon, but the circumstances around them are unusual. We take photos of brook trout all the time from April through October, but we don’t usually take photos of them where this one was caught. I guided Chris […]

The End of Our Busy Season

We managed to capture this on video over the weekend and thought there would be plenty of you who would like to see it. This is a bear cub at Tremont. His mother had already crossed the stream and he was somewhat less than enthusiastic about making the plunge, and we can understand. The water […]

Video Blog – Fly Fishing for Brook Trout in the Great Smoky Mountains

This month we tackle one of our favorite topics, fly fishing for brook trout in the Great Smoky Mountains. If you’ve never experienced this type of fishing this video will show you everything we love about it: phenomenal scenery, beautiful trout, rarely seen animals, and dry fly fishing. [vimeo][/vimeo]