Expect Water Levels to Rise in the Smokies


It’s been a tough winter for fly fishing in the Smokies. This week hasn’t been bad, but unfortunately, Charity and I have had enough appointments and chores to take care of that we just haven’t been able to get out on the water.

Today I couldn’t stand it and managed to sneak away to take a look at the water above Tremont after dropping some mail at the post office. Normally there would be a strung fly rod on the rack in the car, waders in the back, and boots in the roof basket, but after last weeks show in Charlotte I haven’t re-situated the fishing gear.

Looks good... Real good

Looks good... Real good

I talked to a reliable source who told me he caught a couple of fish on nymphs a few days back. He made a quick trip too and had to leave after about 45 minutes. I did see a few fish moving aggressively in the current so I’m pretty sure today would have been a good day.

Rain has already started to fall here in Townsend. We’re not forecast to get much if any snow with this latest storm, but the mountain tops will likely get some. We are expecting a good deal of rain, though, so I’m expecting the river to get pretty high again.

I’d like to think I’ll fish some streamers, but we’ll see. I’ve got a good buddy moving to town in the coming days. If you’re like me that’s a phrase that will stop you in your tracks. I’m already committed to help.

I’ve GOT to get the rod and waders back in the car to make the most of those fleeting opportunities.

Fly Fishing With Streamers


  1. Tim Wilson says:

    That’s why I always carry the Pen fishing rod!
    LOL. Also, all my friends curiously develop back problems when moving and lifting is involved. Look for me when the bugs start flying. Tim.