Weekly Digest for 2011-12-11

  • A trip up Fires Creek from Sizemore Outdoors Photography http://t.co/YEMBtb72 #
  • Massive logjam on French Broad River is rechanneling the river through a farm in Western North Carolina http://t.co/x1l7bDlh #
  • Wild & public trout fisheries vs. pellet fed "trophy" streams you have to pay to fish. Chi Wulff stir it up http://t.co/Fmq6P1Zv #flyfishing #
  • Supreme Court to hear arguments in PPL Montana v. State of Montana. Implications will affect river access across US. http://t.co/qNeXACm3 #
  • TVA December River Neighbors newsletter is out. Good info about recent rains, reservoir levels, and tailwater flows http://t.co/pxl0tK6V #
  • TVA officials working to keep up with extra water in the Tennessee River system http://t.co/uNW2oUOV #
  • A Fly Fishing Life In Pictures: An interview with legendary fly fishing photography Val Atkinson http://t.co/CM0P9ZSj #flyfishing #
  • Sizemore Outdoor Photography goes to one of our favorite backcountry streams, Big Snowbird Creek http://t.co/xTWQN1Ub #
  • "I don't always fish, but when I do, I choose a fly rod." The Most Interesting Man in the World is a fly fisherman! http://t.co/AjEk2194 #
  • We've set our dates for the 2012 R&R trip to Idaho’s Henry’s Fork & Yellowstone Park, Sept 8-14 Join us! http://t.co/jUhkspPZ #flyfishing #
  • From our fishing report: One way you can tell when the water is high http://t.co/JSM2Ta8g #
  • Sure, go ahead and use a 12-gauge shotgun to get mistletoe out of a tree, but don't do it at the mall http://t.co/tPJkNaq4 #

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