Charity’s Continued Adventures in Patagonia

We’re holding it together here in East Tennessee while Charity’s continued cavorting fish fest hard work in Patagonia continues. All we can say is that Charity is redefining work as we know it. Here are some pictures, but be warned, some of what follows is graphic and may disturb those who work in an office.

Mt Lanin

We’ve been told this is Mount Lanin and this is the view Charity has to endure every morning


Charity Checks Out a Brown Trout

Looks like Charity is paying close attention to quality control


Charity Confluence Falls

Charity stands at the falls at the confluence of Lago Lanin


Julie's Happy

Charity’s traveling companion Julie Tallman is in her happy place


Party Bus

The “Party Bus” (have they no shame) takes the guides, anglers, and rafts to the river every day



Wild rheas on the pampas

Argentine Moonpie?

The Argentine version of the Moon Pie? We can’t help but ask if the have RC Cola.


20" Rainbow

Charity shows a 20″ rainbow trout caught on a streamer


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