Weekly Digest for 2012-06-03

  • A guide customer asked Charity to demonstrate good technique on a Smokies stream. Better technique than they expected! http://t.co/f3svRMcV #
  • Where the crowds are smaller than the trout. Great post from @Chi-Wuff : In Praise of Small Streams and Native Fish http://t.co/c9WfSJTH #
  • Never had a trout pull this! Tarpon takes fisherman's hook, line, rod, reel and his arm http://t.co/UnYsYlQ1 #
  • Charity hooked up with a Smokies stream smallmouth on a guides' day off on the water #flyfishing http://t.co/hncuKzdB #
  • From our fishing report: A Guides’ Day Off Chasing Smallmouth Bass http://t.co/o1Zfp6z0 #
  • Road notice for the Smokies: Synchronous fireflies prompt Elkmont Road closure in the evenings http://t.co/AyHckfz0 #
  • Unseasonable warm spring has Smokies' synchronized fireflies peaking before planned shuttles & programs begin http://t.co/muaweAvY #
  • National Parks trying to attract young people as visitation by the young falls sharply http://t.co/tcRtguzd #
  • Singlebarbed blog has several brilliant ways to make your car unappealing to thieves when left at isolated trailheads. http://t.co/mwuZ1pq8 #

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