Shocking Video of Trout in the Smokies

Well, more like a video of biologists shocking trout in the Smokies… Whatever makes you click the link, right?

We volunteer to help fisheries biologists in the Smokies every year with these projects. Not only is it important work, it’s absolutely fascinating. We are particularly interested in this piece of water at Tremont near Townsend. This is essentially our backyard trout stream and one of the first places we go to kill a few hours. It’s close, it’s beautiful, and it’s full of fish.

Just how full of fish? That’s what we wanted to find out. And we did. The number was…. Forgive me because I hate to say it…



The sample site was a little less than 200 meters, or approximately 1/8 mile. We turned up exactly 331 trout in the site. Multiply that by 8 and that equals 2648 trout per mile. We always knew the Middle Prong was full of fish, but this certainly confirms it. By the way, that’s only the trout. There were piles of dace too.

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  1. Well done, both the video and volunteering for the sampling.