Wrapping Up Summer

September is well underway and we’re looking ahead to fall fishing. Things are pretty much what you typically find at this time of year. Water levels are pretty low in the Smokies and TVA tailwaters are running a bit on the high side as reservoirs are draining. Fishing was a little tough over the past few days as weather has been unsettled. We’ve had a string of days where it could rain at any time, but generally doesn’t do much. Fishing always seems best when the weather is steady regardless if it raining or sunny.

19" Smallmouth Bass that ate a popping bug

Fly fishing for smallmouth remains very good, if not the most overlooked opportunity in East Tennessee. We’re using a Clouser Minnow here and there but are using popping bugs for the vast majority of our time on the water. Bruce Landis caught this beautiful smallie on a popping bug. The fish came in just a hair under the 19″ mark, a spectacular fish on a popper!

Charity and I are preparing to leave for the Henry’s Fork and Yellowstone Country. We’ll make some posts from the road and let you know how that goes.