Our Free Fly of the Month Download – Zelon Nymph

Download the FREE PDF about the Zelon Nymph


You may remember our Fly of the Month subscription. It was a wildly popular program we used to offer. Ian would write up a monthly digest about an appropriate fly for that month and include bits about how to fish it and step by step instructions to tie it.

Unfortunately the Fly of the Month was a victim of its success. Printing that many newsletters every month and paying to ship them out became unfeasible and the whole thing collapsed under its own weight. (Actually crushed us!)

After doing some research we’re modernizing the Fly of the Month as a digital download. This is starting out as an experiment so forgive us if there are any glitches, plus IT’S FREE! We’re going to go back over some material we’ve already used in the past, but it’s only because it’s such a good fly and we expect to reach many who didn’t participate in the old print program.

Our first digital Fly of the Month is one of Ian’s creations, the Zelon Nymph. We use it everywhere we fish from the tailwaters to the Smokies. It’s also caught fish on the Madison, Henry’s Fork, and other rivers in the Rocky Mountains. Just click here and see what we’re talking about. We hope you hook a fish so big you download in your waders!

We hope to have future versions optimized for e-readers like iPad and Android tablets.



  1. New to the site. Enjoyed this format and look forward to future editions. The information is written and presented in a manner that is easily translated for those like myself who are new to the sport.

    Thanks and Happy Holiday’s!

    • Thanks, Bryan! Glad you like it. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you already haven’t so you’ll be notified when future editions come out.

  2. Ian,

    Just read and studied your Zelon fly pattern. The Pheasant Trail is one of my wife’s favorite flys, but I think she’ll like this better. I know I’ll like tying it better. Hope to see you and Charity again this spring. Still looking to catch a nice Mtn Brookie. Going to have to get one of you shirts for the gym.

  3. Ian,
    I think this is a wonderful service! How do we sign up? Already looking forward to next month’s fly!

    • Jed,
      Glad you like it so much. As long as you’re on our mailing list you’ll receive notifications of when it’s available, but we’ll add you to our Fly of the Month list as well.

      Ian & Charity

  4. This presentation is without a doubt the best I have seen for how to tie the fly and how to fish it. Looking foreward to more.

  5. I like the digital download much better than the newsletter-type. I don’t lose the digital version.

    Here’s hoping the Rutter family has a very Merry Christmas (I know, it’s not P.C. to say that) and a Happy New Year.

    Maybe the Fish’s will get down for another float. Neither of us can hike nor wade now, so we’ll have to be relegated to watching you guys do all the work for us.

    Best to all.

    • Great to hear it, Al. The digital version is much easier since we don’t have to print, cheaper since we don’t have to ship or print, and greener since there’s no paper or fuel used up. (We used to print the others on recycled paper)

      It would be great to row you down the river again and net your fish. Merry Christmas to you, Happy New Year, and happy (insert holiday of choice) to you as well!