Excuse Us While We Show Off

We really try to maintain some sense of humility but there are times we just can’t help but to scream “Dig This!” This is one of those times. At the age of 3 our son Boone does OK with a fly rod. We won’t try to convince you he catches fish solo, but with a little help casting and a little help with a hook set he can take care of the rest.




Boone brings in a hooked trout



If you pay close attention you’ll notice that’s a dry fly…


Boone isn’t any expert but he knows his way around the river. He can correctly identify rainbow, brown, and brook trout and caught his first fish about a year ago.

Do we catch as many fish when the kids are along? No. Do we get to spend as much time on the water when the kids come along? No. But we do make it a point to bring them along whenever we can and make sure they have some fun outside too!

If you see us on the river, just watch out. Boone still has a wild backcast!