What’s Your Favorite Off Road Vehicle?

A simple question – What’s your favorite off road vehicle? It depends on your definition of “off road”.

This is our first choice for an off road vehicle

Drifting Little River in Townsend, TN

Sure, it’s a little slow and the “horsepower” is often unreliable (depending on external factors like current, heat, and how many days in a row it’s been rowed) but it’s damn good for fishing. At least in this particular environment it outperforms more conventional vehicles.

Hummer In River




  1. Haha, maybe you could stand on the roof of the hummer? Looks awfully slippery though.

  2. hilarious. I hope the people are OK and have good insurance. But I have to admit, seeing a shiny hummer in a river is a lot funnier than, say, 1979 Ford Bronco. Or a 2005 Nissan Armada, for that matter.