The Next Rage in Fly Fishing Fashion?

The creators of Wool & Prince shirts claim to have devised a shirt that can be worn for 100 days and resists dirt and body odor. We can’t help but notice how many of our fly fishing compatriots seem to have a relatively limited wardrobe. Maybe they’re like me and have a few favorite shirts, but I’m guessing that the majority are, shall we say “laundry challenged”.


Can be worn 100 times without the need for washing

More like what we think of when we hear 100 wearings without a wash

More like what we think of when we hear 100 wearings without a wash

I’m not criticizing. I get it. There was a time back in the days of Ian B.C (Before Charity) when I literally didn’t own a dresser. I had an incredibly simple system for storing my clothes. Dirty clothes went in the washing machine and clean clothes were in the dryer. Once the dryer was empty all I had to do was put a scoop of detergent in the washer, punch the button and head to the river. When I got home I’d make the transfer into the dryer and come morning I had a week’s worth of clean clothes.

I think there’s a major need for these shirts in the fly fishing market place. Add some earth tones to the color palette, stitch on a couple of deep pockets with that velcro strap thingy that no one knows what to do with and this could be the next big thing. Add some SPF or Buzz Off treatment and I know 20 people without even thinking hard who might never take the thing off.

And we haven’t even touched on the other possibilities of Buffs or dare we say it…. socks.

See you flipping through the Patagonia and Orvis catalogs…