What a Difference One Day Makes

I remember it like it was only yesterday. In fact, it was yesterday. A good float with two fun anglers who have been fishing with me for years now. Overall the day was a little bit streaky. They’d have a slow stretch of water with only a few strikes, then hit a run where the fish were all over it. There were even several big fish in the mix.

Best fish of the day

Best fish of the day

Even though we had a few slow periods, the times when the fishing was good made up for it. In fact, I think I had a first. Three fish in the net at the same time.

Three fish in the net with two anglers on the boat. Do the math...

Three fish in the net with two anglers on the boat. Do the math…

Phil and Jeff hit a double on one run and I netted both fish together. I quickly unhooked them and while Phil took a quick picture of the two fish in the net Jeff hooked up again. I kept the net in the water while Jeff brought the third in and had the first “triple” in the net.

Those were the good old days….

Today the rivers are all high and right now it’s hard to tell when flows will be right again. East Tennessee is nearly a full foot above average rainfall for the year and it’s only May. In an effort to control flooding TVA has bumped flows from the dams and is even spilling as much as possible on large impoundments on the main body of Tennessee River.

Flows in the Smokies are high right now as well but we should be able to get back on those streams in a few days….

Assuming the rain in the forecast isn’t so heavy as what we’ve seen….

We’ll see you humming “Rain, rain, go away…”