High Water Across East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Looks like it’s a rough week to be a fly fisher around East Tennessee and Western North Carolina. We’ve seen quite a bit of rain over the weekend and more continues to fall. All the mountain streams are running high and the TVA has the tailwaters running at the moment to keep reservoirs levels at winter pool.

High water at Tremont

You can always check stream levels around the Smoky Mountain region on our website here.



  1. Sean Smith says:

    Ian, With water levels up in the park, but a good weather outlook for this week, where in the park (on the TN side) is reasonable fishing to be expected? I am bringing my young teenage sons for their first taste of mountain stream fishing. They cut their teeth on Arkansas tailwaters. However, with the predicted high-flow Holston and Clinch river releases this week, tailwater fishing is not an option. Thanks, sts

    • Sean,
      Water levels have come down nicely and there was only a slight increase in flows. The outlook is pretty good for this week in the Smokies.
      Tremont will be a good choice as fish there are about as eager as you’ll find. Little River will also be in good condition.

      Focus your efforts on deep, calm slots bounded by swift wafer. Any basic nymph pattern #12-14 should be appropriate 24-30″ under a strike indicator.

      No need to go up high as conditions will be cooler and fish more sluggish. Fish from about 11:00 and later while it’s warmest.

      Good Luck!