Wet Wading and Dry Flies in the Smokies

With the warm weather firmly in place here in the Smoky Mountain region we’ve been wading wet for some time. There was a day last week with scattered rain showers all day that we put the waders on since the cooler weather and lack of sunshine made for chilly wading, but we’re happy to feel […]

A Guide’s Life – A Chronic Case of the Willies

One of the great things about life in the mountains is that wildlife is all around you. Of course we’ve had neighbors who felt like that was a huge downside of life in the mountains and even moved back to more urban surroundings as a result. It’s not uncommon for us to see any number […]

Quick Pic: Tremont Copperhead

We saw this copperhead along the trail in the Tremont vicinity of the Great Smoky Mountains. As is usually the case, it remained motionless and non-threatening. Our basic rule for all wildlife we see in the backcountry is that nothing will mess with you unless you mess with it first.