The Weather Subsides and We Make a Break For It

It’s been a brutal few weeks here in East Tennessee. The temperature stayed in the 20’s or less for days on end and we even had one stretch in the Smokies with measurable snowfall for nine consecutive days. We’re glad to say that’s behind us and the snow is melting.

Charity and I managed to get out on the stream for a few hours this weekend here in the Smokies, but hopefully it won’t be so long before our next outing.

Ian walks a snowy trail along the stream in the Smokies

We initially intended to fish one of Little River’s three prongs, but there was ice on every pool. Getting out was the point of the day, but we didn’t want to doom ourselves to a skunking so we made the turn toward Cades Cove and Abrams Creek.

A deer in the snow in Cades Cove

Abrams Creek is always the warmest stream around in the winter and the coolest in the summer thanks to numerous springs that come into it. It was still cold, though. Downstream of the confluence of Mill Creek there was ice on the stream on the Mill Creek side of the stream for several hundred yards.

It was a pretty slow day of fishing. Because of the extra drive we were only able to spend about 90 minutes fishing. In that time I think we had two missed strikes and one fish landed; not bad under the circumstances.

Charity fishes Abrams Creek in the snow

Abrams Creek in the Snow

Abrams Creek Rainbow trout

Probably no surprises for those who follow us, but Charity caught that one fish.

TVA has cut the flows on most of the tailwaters to provide some good windows for wading. We might even find some time this week to hitch up the drift boat and get it on the river. We’ll keep you posted when we do.


  1. Always enjoy catching the reports on your site! Winter has set her teeth into us-(northern Mi.) and the fishing has slowed considerably. Good to see your photos of a sunny day and a break in the weather. Hopefully it will blow north…..or we…south.

    • We may catch a real break this week. Forecast highs in the 40’s everyday and TVA generation seems to be slowing on the tailwaters. We might even get the drift boat out of the garage soon!

  2. I’m not surprised that Charity caught the fish. She does that. Thanks for the photos and update. I hope to see you some time this year.