A Year in the Life of R&R Fly Fishing, 2011 edition

Now that the water has been high much of the time and the weather has turned cold we’ve gone back and taken a look back at the year we’ve had. It seems like the life of fly fishing guides is all fun and games, but it’s really quite hectic. It’s only now when we’re not up early, rounding up gear or hitching up a drift boat that we can look back and see all the cool stuff we’ve experience over the past year.

We’re so blessed to have so many fly fishing options from Great Smoky Mountains National Park, to our big tailwater rivers, to our phenomenal smallmouth bass fisheries. Here’s a look at our 2011.

The Scenery

One of the best things about living in the Smokies is just getting up in the morning. Several times a day we stop what we’re doing to just take a look around. Here are a few of those moments.

Misty Morning in the Smoky Mountains

That’s why they call them the Smoky Mountains! The mountains rise above the morning mist.


Red sky foreshadows rain on the way

Beautiful morning light in Townsend. That’s Mount Leconte poking into the clouds.


Sunrise Over the Smokies

Another incredible sun rise over the Smoky Mountains.

Scenic view of clouds on the Smoky Mountains

On our “commute” to float the Tuckaseegee we had to stop to take this in. Looking down the Deep Creek valley and Bryson City, NC is under the fog.


Moments on the Water


Ice in the Stream

Ice bells on a cold day on the stream

Dogwood blooms on river

Unmistakably spring in the Smokies – Dogwood blooms along the stream.


A beautiful spring day on the Little River

A magical spring afternoon in the Smokies with warm sunshine, hatching mayflies, and rising trout.


Fall float on the Clinch River

Floating the Clinch River on a bluebird October day

Drifting Little River in Townsend, TN

Casting streamers along rock ledges

Smallmouth Summer Afternoon in the Smokies

An idyllic summer afternoon creekin’ for smallmouth bass

A cool autumn morning on Hazel Creek

Could you create a prettier spot on a creek?

Fall Color On The Stream

It was a phenomenal year for fall color in the Smokies

The Bugs

Without bugs where are we as fly fishers? Here are some of our favorites from the last year

Salmonfly up close and personal

Quill Gordon Mayfly

Our favorite mayfly in the Smokies, the Quill Gordon

Blue Wing Olive

Small but they still bring trout to the surface – Blue Wing Olive


An extreme close up of a #20 Trico


The Fish

Little River Rainbow

Early spring rainbow trout on a float


Rainbow trout

A healthy rainbow trout that we found rising to Quill Gordons


The best part about catching Smoky Mountain specks is just looking at them

Smallmouth Bass with Clouser Minnow

A solid smallmouth bass from the Holston River

A solid Hazel Creek rainbow trout

Brown Trout & Tellico Nymph

A great pair – A nice brown trout and a Tellico Nymph


One of the best parts of our job is who we share the “office” with.

A curious but cautious black bear keeps its distance on Hazel Creek

Silhouettes of wild turkeys

Iconic image of spring – a tom turkey struts for hens

Bear Cub Up A Tree

A bear cub high up in a tree over Bradley Fork

Show respect! A timber rattlesnake takes its time crossing the trail in the backcountry


Perfectly camouflaged a copperhead remains motionless on the forest floor

Out West

Every year we make our annual pilgrimage to Yellowstone Country. This year we hosted a group on Idaho’s Henry’s Fork and spent some personal time on the Yellowstone River and in Yellowstone National Park.

21" Henry's Fork rainbow trout

Ultimate prize – A big rainbow trout and a little fly on the Railroad Ranch section of the Henry’s Fork

Sunset over the Henry’s Fork

Ladawn Ostmann with a monster cutt-bow on Henry's Lake

A heck of a slab! Cuttthroat/rainbow hybrid on Henry’s Lake

Brown Trout In Yellowstone Park

A family effort in Yellowstone Park. Dad holds the brown trout and carries young Boone in the pack, Willow holds the rod, and Mom takes the picture

Floating The Yellowstone

“Mend it Mom! Mend!” Floating the Yellowstone

Grizzly Bear Track

Welcome to your place in the food chain – A grizzly bear track along the Yellowstone River

Yellowstone Cutthroat

A native Yellowstone Cutthroat trout

Join Us in Yellowstone Country

The Big Moments

Smokies Brown Trout

A beautiful brown trout from the Smokies and a priceless smile


An early season slab of a smallmouth from the Pigeon River


A beast of a brown trout caught last spring on Hazel Creek. We saw him in the same spot later in October.



Holston River brown trout

Can you believe this 23″ chunk took a dry fly? Best eat of the year!

This 20″ smallie ate a popper!

Smoky Mountain BrookTrout

Not nearly so big as the others, but this 10″ native speck is equivalent to a 20″ brown.

A large, beautiful wild brown trout

A beautiful fall brown trout!


Ian Rutter with a huge brown trout

I still got it!

Charity with a very nice brown trout

Charity shows off a nice wild fish


  1. Great pictures! Makes me want to relive the whole year over again. Looks like you guys had a pretty good year on the water…

  2. Spectacular pics once again! But – that (extremely fresh looking) grizzly track gave me the willies…