Fly of the Month – Pat’s Nymph

It’s time for another Fly of the Month. As usual you can download this free document and view it on any device including desktop computers, tablets, or smart phones.

The Pat’s Nymph is a fly that we always keep handy when we’re fly fishing in the Smokies. We love this fly for several reasons: It’s quick and easy to tie, it’s a tough fly that can withstand some abuse, and fish love it! Click on the cover below to download it now.

Pats Nymph fly of the monthPats Nymph fly of the month

This is a perfect pattern for late winter and early spring when insect hatches are just getting started and nymphs are most active in the streams. The Pat’s Nymph imitates a wide array of aquatic insects which is important when fish see a wide variety of natural foods this time of year.

This video is a great companion to the download. We made this video a few years ago and it has been extremely popular with several thousand views every month. The techniques we demonstrate in this video will help you use the Pat’s Nymph with maximum effectiveness.

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  1. Thank you guys for such wonderful, entertaining and helpful newsletters. Can’t wait to try these fly patterns. I reside in Nashville, and don’t get to the Smokies nearly as often as I would like. Gonna have to go somewhere soon or I’ll lose my mind! Thanks again!

    • Our pleasure, Jeff. We’re getting a little stir crazy ourself. Here’s to hoping the weather and water conditions get right soon!